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Hearing Testing and Hearing Needs Assessment

The Hearing Needs Assessment determines the unique needs you and your family desire when it comes to communication. This is unique to each and every patient we fit with hearing instruments and sets the levels of expectation for the results we are working together to achieve.

It is our belief, based on our extensive experience, that to properly treat any degree of hearing impairment, it is crucial to have a thorough, but individualized, Hearing Needs Assessment and an accurate Hearing Test. Without either, virtually all that follows in the treatment plan is flawed.

Without an accurate and completed Hearing Needs Assessment, we cannot help our patients to hear their very best. Without an accurate Hearing Test, the prescriptive audiometric targets are not precise for the hearing aid fitting and programming.

You can trust that having performed thousands of Hearing Needs Assessments and Hearing Tests for patients of all degree of hearing impairment, the foundation for your treatment plan is set for maximum success!


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In-Home visits include a $75 setup and travel fee but also include a FREE Hearing Test. In-Home visits available 7 days a week based on availability. In-Office appointments available Monday - Friday

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