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About Elephant Ear Hearing Services, Inc.

We are a hybrid practice - Offering in-office and in-home services.

It is our firm belief that hearing loss is highly personal and there is no "one-size fits all" solution when it comes to treating an individuals hearing impairment. Everyone's brain processes sound and information very differently. It is not good enough to perform a hearing test and program hearing aids accordingly...you must take it further to achieve your best hearing....sometimes a great deal further. A large percentage of hearing professionals treat patients purely based on their hearing test results. Our approach takes into account the uniqueness that is YOU, the unique anatomy and acoustics of your outer ear and canal, your unique needs and challenges, your unique lifestyle.  The outline we have developed is purely a product of having treated thousands of patients over the past 2+ decades and relying on that experience to continually refine the approach we take for each individual patient. 

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to identify every patients' unique struggles, challenges and needs and use this information to formulate the best available solution for as many of these challenges as possible. From there, we monitor and adapt so our patients are always hearing to the very best of their ability. By thoughtfully maximizing audibility to the auditory cortex, we give our patients their best chance to maintain the precious clarity they will need to communicate successfully with loved ones for the rest of their lives.

Our Vision - It is our belief that by evaluating a patient's unique hearing needs and struggles in the privacy of their own home, with their loved ones present, we get a clearer picture of their challenges than in an office setting. This gives us the ability to solve as many challenges they face and achieve the best possible outcome for each unique patient.

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In-Home visits include a $75 setup and travel fee but also include a FREE Hearing Test. In-Home visits available 7 days a week based on availability. In-Office appointments available Monday - Friday

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